Elegant | Arrogant: Maserati GranTurismo 47

In the Italian sports car realm Ferrari are regarded as supermodels, Lamborghini are the bad boys, and Pagani are so out of this world that we’re resigned to childlike dreams where we’re content to hang a poster of one on our bedroom walls.

IMG_1571Then there’s the oft overshadowed Maserati, we’re not sure what to make of her.    Upon spotting this Matte Black Maserati GranTurismo S on 5th Avenue in Midtown, NYC, and reflecting on our encounter with this white Trident 47 striker, our conclusion is what we describe as Elegant | Arrogant.

The nose on this beast makes it clear that she’s looking for a fight.  She confidently says, “You want a piece of me?”  The rear, albeit understated in its design, exudes attitude.  It all comes together through beautiful lines and curves that seductively say “You DO want a piece of me!”
Unfortunately, according to the blokes at Fifth Gear,  the GranTurismo is more beauty than she is beast.  Powered by a  4.7 liter V8, producing 450bhp, the powerplant lacks sufficient output to move her 4200 pounds of mass with lightning quick agility.  That’s simply not good enough against the likes of supermodels, bad boys and space age psychedelics.  With its $100K price tag the GranTurismo 47 doesn’t have to be any one of the above.   Therein lies the intrigue of the GranTurismo and the Elegant | Arrogant air she exudes.


We certainly like her, well played Maserati.



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