Omotesandō Street Style: Shaken Not Stirred


Omotesandō (表参道) is an avenue, subway station and neighborhood in the Minato and Shibuya wards in Tokyo stretching from Harajuku station, the foot of the famous Takeshita Street, to Aoyama-dori where Omotesandō station can be found. Zelkova trees line both sides of the avenue. Around 100,000 cars drive down the main street daily.

Omotesandō was originally created as the frontal (表 Omote?) approach (参道 Sandō?) to Meiji Shrine, when the Shrine was dedicated in the Taishō era.

Today, Omotesandō is known as one of the foremost ‘architectural showcase’ streets in the world, featuring a multitude of fashion flagship stores designed by internationally renowned architects within a short distance of each other. These include the Louis Vuitton store (Jun Aoki, 2002) Prada building (Herzog & de Meuron, 2003), Tod’s (Toyo Ito, 2004), Dior (SANAA, 2004), Omotesandō Hills (Tadao Ando, 2005) and Gyre (MVRDV, 2007), amongst others.

Source: Wikipedia



  1. t.on.air

    Ah…I like this street. Posh but somehow very charming.

    • Mark

      Admittedly, I thought it was funny when I saw him. He definitely projected an air about him that suggested he knows the spotlight is on him. Looking at it now, it’s pretty cool. What can I say, the guy is ahead of the game!

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