Women We Don’t Love: Forgotten Gent’s Guide to Men’s Turnoffs

To kick off our all new Sex & Relationships category, we feel it’s important to establish the baseline as it relates our perspective on women, relationships and everything in between.  A rush hour subway ride one morning from my home in Brooklyn to my office in Manhattan prompted me to write this particular article.

I boarded the standing-room only subway car and found an open space to stand.    Anticipating the train’s departure, I grabbed the subway car pole and proceeded to continue reading my book.  As I was reading, the hand of a rider who was holding the same pole distracted me.  I glanced at the hand and noticed the fingernails were dirty.  I then looked at the passenger and was shocked to find they were the hands of a woman.  Of course, judging purely from the size of the hand and the length of the fingernails, it was obvious that the hand was that of a woman.  I was appalled to see such a thing and immediately moved away from her.  I have never seen a woman with dirty fingernails.  That image of that woman’s dirty fingernails is now imprinted on my brain, and the mere recollection of it makes me queasy.

When I arrived to my office, I asked some of my female friends about this strange occurrence.  Each one I spoke to laughed about it, but in seriousness, they confirmed that it is a highly unusual phenomenon for a woman to have dirty fingernails.  One of my  friends suggested I compile a list of turnoffs a man finds about a woman, because many women don’t know, be it egregious or unintentional. I decided to follow her advice and share the list.

Dirty fingernails

No surprise this one makes the top of the list.  I have heard from women who find men with dirty fingernails unappealing, and many will not allow a man with dirty fingernails to touch them, especially sexually. I now understand why.

Gents, if you wonder or complain about a woman being too religious about her manicures and pedicures, such religiousness is perfectly acceptable.  All it takes is the type of shocking experience I described in my subway car encounter to totally change your perception of these grooming habits by many women, and ultimately appreciate it.

Unpleasant scent

Body scent is probably the most variable and subjective influence out of all our senses.  Everyone’s nose is different, so ladies if you’re unsure, ask a guy you’re comfortable with what he thinks about a particular scent.  Don’t become offended if he takes issue with a scent you happen to like or wear regularly.  Your scent can totally shape how a man perceives you and his magnetism toward you.  If he doesn’t like what you wear, or are considering, try out different scents until you find the one you don’t have to ask him about.  When you’ve found the right scent he’ll let you know.

Image courtesy of Karlascloset.com

Unkempt feet 

This ranks along with dirty fingernails.  Ladies, men often associate the condition of your feet with your overall attractiveness, femininity and grace, and perception of your cleanliness.  Because women’s footwear are largely designed to call attention to, or accentuate the female foot, it’s difficult for any guy to overlook a woman’s feet.  Unfortunately, Western culture attaches no sacredness to the human foot, so many people lack discretion when choosing to expose their feet, preferring instead to do what ultimately makes them comfortable.  While freedom is certainly a person’s right, it does not mean one should ignore or do away with etiquette.

Ladies, we understand that there are situations where it may not be possible for your feet to always be well kept.  Our advice in such instances, keep your feet covered.  No matter how cute or comfortable your shoes are, they don’t mask the fact that your feet are unkempt.

Hairy legs

We know this is a highly subjective and hot button topic for women, and some men depending on what his physical preferences are.  Our take on this topic, legs that feel like the stubble on our faces aren’t particularly appealing.

Unkempt hair 

Photo courtesy of Rafee via Flickr

Many men associate a woman’s attractiveness with her hair.  Ladies, your hair, no matter the effort and expense you put into it can translate into big rewards when it comes to men.  Unkempt hair can be hit or miss.  We understand that some women have beautiful hair no matter what they do, or don’t do to it.  For others, your hair can speak volumes about you, both positively and negatively.  If you’re not sure what your hair says about you, ask your friends candidly, including guys.  If it’s not projecting the message you want, particularly to men, it’s an opportunity to make some changes that will hopefully get you the result you want.

IMG_1461 Poor and improper fitting attire 

This one is probably the turnoff to men that women are least aware of and grossly underestimate.  Believe it or not, many straight men are quite perceptive when it comes to a woman’s appearance.  You may think that we don’t notice the details of your appearance.  To the contrary, men are quite keen on color, fit, and whether your attire is appropriate for you.  We may not know the subtle details, but we know what we like, what works and what doesn’t; we also judge you by it.

When selecting styles for yourself, don’t be afraid to seek a man’s opinion.  Take care to avoid being overly sensitive to his feedback, otherwise you won’t be getting his true impressions, he’ll simply resort to telling what you want to hear.

Closing thoughts

Faith Hill's look here is entirely age inappropriate. Plus, it just doesn't look good.

We recognize that everything we presented in this article is largely subjective.  Our goal is to inform from a male point of view.  We make no attempt to establish what’s been written as universal.  It is a starting point to address some of the outright egregiousness we witness from women in our day-to-day dealings.  Love it or hate it, we would be happy to expand on this topic.  We certainly welcome your feedback and insights on the subject.




  1. I dig it when men are honest. You like what you like, and there’s nothing wrong with that. Frankly, if people were more honest (politely) with one another and accepting of one another’s preferences (again, politely and without defensiveness), we’d be a lot happier in relationships. Not to say that we should change who we are, but if your partner loves a pedicured foot and you don’t really care much, CARE because it’s important to him. And if your girlfriend can’t stand a man with icky feet, guys, head on over to the salon with her. That can lead to an entirely different kind of fun.

  2. wobsy

    They say I’m weird. I’m told most men find breasts the most important thing on a woman: not me. I’d always choose eyes, waistline and hands. If she has dirty fingernails, she stands no chance.

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