Shirts vs Blouses: Toyota Camry – Two Worlds Commercial

While watching the NFL playoffs, the Toyota Camry ‘Two Worlds’ commercial aired.  Asphalt, two lane-road, a car in a dark color rapidly approaching, a galloping black horse, that’s enough to raise our eyebrows.  Things then took a turn for the Shirts versus Blouses with a prominent flash of the ‘Hybrid’ badge on the Camry’s front wings and the white galloping horses. They then set a fruity pick by showing the Camry overtaking a convoy of racing motorcycles.  Darkness turns to light, hanggliders by a mountainside pass, lightness turns to dark, a squadron of  F-22 Raptors in chase, all while the rough-around-the-edges driver in his customary leather jacket narrates his demands for horsepower and fuel economy in his hybridized green machine.

We’ll now be taking that man card.  Toyota, a word of advice…

Lexus LFA

We’ll never outwardly admit that we care about fuel economy.  And, if we can’t get the dealer to peel off the ‘Hybrid’ badge, we’ll surely do it once we got the car (our wives forced us to buy) home.  Whatever you hoped to accomplish in that commercial, you’ve succeeded, with emasculated men.

P.S. Fire every man on your Ad team who didn’t speak up and allowed this to happen. Just when we thought it couldn’t get worse than the Swagger Wagon commercial…



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