Sex, Relationships And The Forgotten Gent

It’s the beginning of 2012 and Forgotten Gent has established a set of priorities for this year.  First, we’re the Forgotten Gents.  If you’re here reading this, that statement applies to you.  If you happen to be of the fairer sex, you’re the Women We Love.  With that, Forgotten Gent will be adding the category of  Sex and Relationships into the mix .  Yes, we know there are hundreds of publications that cover these subjects.  Well, we’ve thrown our hat in the ring too, and we’re going to give it everything we’ve got.

What Forgotten Gent won’t do:

1. Tell you how or why to cheat on your partner

2. Support your justification for cheating

3. Create embellished articles that don’t reflect the realities of the forgotten gents

4. Bash, degrade, devalue or be bitter toward women, or engage in a battle of the sexes.  We’re here to inform constructively.   We are fully aware, however, that some of our points of view may be controversial and rub some the wrong way.

5. Betray the code of men.  It will be walking a tightrope but we’re up to the challenge.

6. Sell out because it generates traffic

What Forgotten Gent will do:

1. Provide informative and constructive points of view on the topics of Sex and Relationships

2. Offer the type of perspective that will hopefully help you in your relationship, your quest for a relationship, and for the gents who are content with the single life, some unimposing considerations for a relationship

3. Talk candidly, with the male point of view about women, and what we think we know about them

4. Love women.  Period.

5. Our absolute best.  We’re Forgotten Gent.  That’s who we are and what we do.

We hope you enjoy the content we present on these topics, and that you’ll participate constructively in the dialog and contribute your own point of view.  Our goal is to foster healthy attitudes toward the opposite sex and relationships.


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