The Gentleman’s Guide To Holiday Romance And Seduction – Agent Provocateur

The holiday season is usually pressure time for gents who have a significant other, or someone we’re courting.  We admit that we’re not always the best at interpreting what a woman likes and what she wants.  I’ll be the first to admit the horrific mistake of giving a woman a Transformers replica toy for Christmas because it’s something that ‘I’ liked and thought would make a cute gift.  I went down in flames over that, and am still embarrassed whenever I think about it.

The gap is that men typically know what they like on a woman, and what we would like to see a woman in.  It is daunting, however, to walk into a woman’s shop to find the right gift for our ladies.  The pressure is even greater when it’s flooded with women who are shopping for themselves, or when we’re asked ‘What size is she?  What’s her favorite color?  What’s her style?’  So, we often end up resorting to gift options that are more utilitarian in nature, e.g. something for her home, her car, or her mobile phone.  They may not score us big points, but they won’t cause us to crash and burn.

Luckily, we have the very thoughtful team over at Agent Provocateur.  They’ve assembled the Gentleman’s Guide to Women’s Underwear.  In the guide, they offer us advice on how to shop for our women’s size, choosing the right pieces for her, and how to bring it all together to raise her temperature and score major points in the romance department.  They also didn’t leave out one often overlooked, but very significant detail, presentation.  They’ll take care of the packaging to ensure that our ladies are pleasantly surprised once she receives her gift.

You may think you’ve got your  woman covered for Christmas, we strongly urge you to think again.  Thanks to the team over at Agent Provocateur.  We’re big fans.  One word of advice, help us out a little earlier next year.  Gents need as much lead time as possible when choosing gifts like these.

Gents, click the link to see the full Agent Provocateur Guide.


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  1. I believe what woul help if you just paid more attention and the right gift will come to you but dont be ashamed to shop for your other half its actually sweet when a man is actually putting effort towards something that his lady would like to have but if you just go into the shop trust me you will get all the help you need you just have to ask for help.

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