Maybach We Bid You Adieu

IMG_3226 For our gearheads and connoisseurs of Ultra Luxe vehicles, we’re saddened to deliver the news that Maybach parent Daimler has decided to end existence of the brand and its line of automobiles.  Slow sales, a sagging global economy, and its inability to distinguish itself from its lower end sibling, Mercedes-Benz, have all contributed to Maybach’s demise.

Rolls Royce and Bentley have always been associated with the Ultra Luxe segment, but we still believe that Maybach is highly relevant in this segment.  Unfortunately, its future isn’t to be.

With inspiration from our friends at BBC Top Gear, an assist from Rick Ross, Jay-Z, and T-Pain, as well as some of our own Maybach spotting in the past, we bring you this tribute to Maybach.




Maybach 62s



Maybach 62 Night



  1. sad sad sad 😦 i reposted your article on my facebook. another car lost to this economy 😦

    • Mark

      Thank you so much for your comment, as I believe that there are a great many people of us who are saddened by this news. Thank you for sharing with your network.

      Long live Maybach!

  2. its so sad how all some of the top quality cars are vanishing and are being replaced with low standard vehicles

    • Mark

      You’re absolutely right. Top Gear has brought this up a couple of times. In so many words, the world’s great automobiles may soon be confined to the history books. It’s really sad.

  3. mister blue

    Why are we working so hard to get rich if all the toys are dissapearing ?

    • Mark

      I think less people are attaining wealth given the current economic turmoil. I’m sure we’ll see lots of nice toys fall victim to the current climate.

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