Kustom Kills And Hot Rod Thrills

Gent brings you several highlights from The Rumblers Hot Rod Hooligans, 11th annual Kustom Kills and Hot Rod Thrills Car Show. The show is an annual summer event held in the Williamsburg section of Brooklyn, NY. The Hooligans and other Hot Rod car clubs within the Northeast / New England region make their way to this section of Brooklyn, and park their classic and custom creations under the Brooklyn Queens Expressway for all to see.

This year, the cutoff year for a car to be featured in this year’s show is 1964. That doesn’t mean that those with later models are excluded from the fun. They usually park in satellite areas of the event garnering their share of visitors.

These cars aren’t simply over-the-top classics with pretty paint and trick wheels. Each car reflects its own unique personality and style, are both an expression and extension of its owner, and a tribute to bygone eras. If you’re lucky, you’ll stumble across a beautiful woman showcasing her pin-up style. Ask nicely and she’ll take a photo next to one of the customs.



Heavy Chevys



Blue Flame




Creepy Crawler

1969 Dodge Super Bee







'41 Willy



Dodge Super Bee







  1. Awesome Cars!!

    Congrats on being Freshly Pressed.

  2. wadingacross

    I’m not necessarily the greatest fan or aficionado of hotrods and heavily customized cars, but there is certainly something to be said about the evident amount of effort, creativity and kind of artistic talent that it takes to turn a stock automobile into something different, not merely pure art, but something stylish and functional, and often very fast.

    I’m not the best at recognizing makes and models, but the fifth from the last photo looks like a modified Ford Model A. Dropped and chopped with a huge supercharged engine? Out of the pictures you’ve shown, that to me is the best one.

  3. aspiringtobesomeone

    These are amazing! I imagine that these cars are similiar to those driven in the afterlife! Amazing!

  4. I love the Monte!! ๐Ÿ˜€

  5. Congrats on being Pressed!!

    Great pics, loving the pics of the cars in Matt Black having such a flat non-reflective surface makes them look wicked.

    • Mark

      Thank you very much, and for your visit. The photos of the matte black cars is my favorite. They look wicked indeed!


  6. Great pics! Those are some great cars. Some of these guys are true artists. Thanks for sharing these great pics. The ladies aren’t too bad either!

  7. Cars like these ae amazing. Thank you for sharing the pictures.

  8. I’ve only seen two customs like these in real life. The photography, the ingenious designs, the awestruck reactions, are one in the same.

  9. Mojitogrl

    Gotta love this ! Awsome cars & great pics

  10. v1ct0r1a

    Um, wow. You must do this for a living? Those photos are amazing in and of themselves, and of course, the cars are smokin’.

  11. Carlie Chew

    Amazing cars and pictures!

  12. Wow! These are extremely vivid photos. It makes me feel like my eyesight is going because these bring out way more detail than I see with my eyes. Excellent, excellent pictures!

  13. Good to see they weren’t too strict about that ’64 rule – so that Coronet could make the show!

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  15. entertaining blog… i really liked viewing those vintage cars. :p


  16. Gorgeous! Even the chic w/ the baskets!

  17. Classy classics and nice photos.

  18. bleucrayonz

    Very nice, classic rods!

  19. Love the buzzoff license plate on the Dodge. All the pictures are carstoppers.

  20. Gorgeous cars and gorgeous photography.

  21. ineffablemuse

    I’ll take one of each of these cars! YUM!

  22. Nothing better than good ole Detroit iron! I’m a huge fan of American Classics and Muscle Cars so, to me, this is easily one of the, if not the, best freshly pressed posts! Great work.

    • Mark

      Agreed. And thank you for leaving one of the best comments. We’re sincerely flattered. Thanks for your visit!

  23. Gorgeous pics of some sweet cars!

  24. Fantastic photography!

  25. amazing cars and amazing photos! ๐Ÿ™‚

  26. Wow, Great photos and beautiful cars!

  27. There’s a touch of the boy racer in all of us. Images like this excite something none of us are in control of. I’d love to have been there.

  28. Beautiful collection, we do have some cool Hot Rods in the UK but most of our car shows are filled with plastic-clad Tonka toys. If only our gas was as cheap as yours in the states we might have a few more V8’s knocking around.

    • Mark

      Thanks a lot for your visit and comment. Yeah, I’m sure fuel prices weigh heavily in building and owning a custom. Tragic that the price of fuel can so negatively impact such a wonderful passion.

  29. ukulefty

    Loving the photos! And that dirty looking supercharged ratrod is a killer! Nothing like the sound of a blown V8 muscle car just lazily rumbling by or hammering past at full revs. The blood, sweat, time, effort and of course money put into these creations is incredible.

    One day… One day…

  30. Great clicks! Some intuitive customizing to be witnessed!

  31. some beautiful images you have there. Good work

  32. Great photos, and what an awesome event!

  33. real mean machines man !
    vroooom .

  34. Awesome photos & cars – Goodwork!

  35. Dev

    I was deciding on the words to use for these machines…
    and just 3 came to my mind
    Oh My God!!

  36. These pictures are beautiful, and the cars are really neat. Congrats on being Pressed!

  37. Nice Rods! check out some exotics on my blog exoticlassic.wordpress.com

  38. i always told myself that after i’ve made my first million i would endulge with a car like one pictured above. i’m a fan of oldschool caddy’s and lincoln’s.

    something about those types of cars i just find facinating. its an “aura” they put out…

    any douchebag can go buy a ferrari or lambo, but these cars are truly one of a kind

    • Mark

      True indeed. To have a car like this symbolizes a very unique appreciation. We hope you make your first mil so you can get one of these classics!

  39. Awesome photography and cars. Thanks for posting.

    Matthew Wright

  40. Cool Cars. Awsome lime green Super Bee.

  41. Gorgeous cars! You’ve captured them beautifully!

  42. Love the Photos and the Cars….thx

  43. Great photos and cool cars! ๐Ÿ™‚

  44. Great pictures..awesome cars, pictures, & couple pretty ladies too.

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  46. Superb, superb shots. These shots make me wish for more! Wickedly cool photography here.

    • Mark

      Thanks a lot! We’re immensely flattered by your comment and will continue to present more great photography. Thanks for visiting!

  47. Great pics of awsome British cars. Take a look at iconic Fords http://bizbearing.wordpress.com/all-ford-show/

  48. Streetrods, hotrods, ratrods, I love them all. Nice pictures.

  49. Really nice pics ! I love how contrasting the colors are in some of the photos. I am a huge fan of rat rod customs and you have captured the essence of the scene. Great job.

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