Porsche GT3 RS Brings The Rain

Bad weather conditions....

Photo courtesy of Bas Fransen via Flickr

The Porsche 911 GT3 Rennsport (RS) sets the foundation for the race version of the 911 GT3.  The heart of the GT3 RS is a naturally-aspirated RS 3.8 liter straight-six powerplant with ~450 bhp  delivering fast revs up to its 8500 RPM redline.

Porsche 997 GT3 RS OrangeThe GT3 RS comes exclusively with a six-speed manual gearbox optimized for short gearshift travel, low weight and high efficiency.  Dynamic engine mounts are standard and serve to improve the car’s handling.  Depending on driving conditions, the mounts change in their stiffness and damping effect, improving the connection between the engine and the body when driving under spirited driving conditions, yet allow for more comfortable conditions during everyday street use.

Porsche also offers a lithium-ion battery option for the GT3 RS to reduce the heavier lead-acid battery.  The battery option is intended primarily for the track.

Rubber on the Rennsport comes in the form of 9″ 245/35 ZR 19 sport tires up front and 12″ 325/30 ZR 19 sport tires in the rear.  Other highlights are its low ride height, extra large carbon-fiber rear wing and titanium exhaust system.

The GT3 RS is available for sale in the US from $132,800.


Photo courtesy of Vince Photography via Flickr


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