Depth Of Speed – JDM Legends

Gearheads, like it or not, know what JDM means.  For those who don’t know, JDM stands for Japanese Domestic Market; Nissan, Toyota, Honda are each synonymous with the acronym.

The boys over at Depth Of Speed have put together a very nice video showcasing Eric Bizek of JDM Legends vintage Japanese vehicles restoration and sales shop.  Bizek talks about his love and passion of vintage Japanese cars.  One particular quote from Bizek has been added to the TFG Rulebook.

TFG Rule #12: “When you’re building something, put all of yourself into it.”

Check out the video and JDM Legends.  TFG is strongly contemplating purchase of a vintage JDM after seeing the gems that JDM Legends have beautifully restored.



  1. psiproformance

    awesome photos man. Check out my blog when you get a chance

    • Mark

      Thanks for your comment, and for checking out TFG. I checked out your site. Great pics. You have a Honda Civic that looks exactly like my first car.

      I’m a fan. I’ll continue to check you out.


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