Largo di Torre Argentina & Via Celsa

Largo Argentina

Largo di Torre Argentina is a square in Rome, Italy, that hosts four Republican Roman temples, and the remains of Pompey’s Theater. The name of the square comes from the Torre Argentina, which takes its name from the city of Strasbourg, whose original name was Argentoratum.

After Italian unification, it was decided to reconstruct part of Rome (1909), demolishing the zone of Torre Argentina. During the works (1927), however, the colossal head and arms of a marble statue were discovered. The archeological investigation brought to light the presence of a holy area, dating to the Republican era, with four temples and part of Pompey’s Theater.

Model of the Theatre of Pompey

Gaius Julius Caesar

The Roman Senate used the Pompey Theater and Baths complex to hold their meetings while the main Senate house in the Forum was being rebuilt.  It was while exiting one of these meetings that Brutus, Cassius, and the other conspirators fell upon Julius Caesar and stabbed him to death.

Roma 2009-150You won’t find Via Celsa (pronounced ‘Chel-sa’) on any tourist maps of Rome, but if you’re in the vicinity of the Largo di Torre Argentina, chances are you’ll find it.  Via Celsa has quite a unique charm.  Around it, there’s a dynamic, yet natural mix of commercial and government buildings, narrow alley-ways weaving through the old residential enclaves, and striking remnants of Ancient Rome.  It’s a juxtaposition of style, beauty, function and history the way only the Italians can do it.

Roma 2009-152

Via Celsa near the Largo di Argentina

Via Celsa

Gents on the Via Celsa - Roma, IT


Roma 2009-151

Ducati Cafe BMW E92 M3


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