Buju Banton

Grammy-award-winning star Buju Banton has been sentenced to 10 years in jail in the US for his role in setting up a cocaine deal in 2009.

Buju Banton (born Mark Anthony Myrie, July 15, 1973) is a Jamaican dancehall, ragga, and reggae musician. He has also recorded Pop and Dance songs, and songs with a political tone.

Buju Banton was born in Kingston, Jamaica.  The name “Buju” is a nickname given to chubby children which means breadfruit and was given to him by his mother as a child. “Banton” is a Jamaican word referring to someone who is a respected storyteller, and it was adopted by Myrie in tribute to the deejay Burro Banton whom Buju admired as a child.  It was Burro’s rough gravelly vocals that Buju emulated and ultimately made his own.

TFG is a fan and therefore proclaims today Buju Banton Music Commemoration Day.

See link for the rest of the story.

Source: Wikipedia


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