Meglio Stasera

I was listening to a Michael Buble rendition of another classic song.  Mid-way through the song I asked myself, “Why am I listening to Michael Buble?”  His music is terrible, and he’s doing a great disservice to the music legends he has chosen to (supposedly) honor through his remakes of their songs.  Upon that conclusion, I deleted all of his music from my collection.

Is this what things today have come to?  Bad renditions of timeless classics in order to conjure up the spirit of song and dance in today’s manufactured culture.  I’d happily take the era of original song and dance.  What happened to those days?

Lyrics translation:

he beginning of the song, in the original Italian, is here followed by a literal translation and the first two lines of the English version which contains an Italian expression, “Fa’ subito!”, which translates as “do it right away”, but which does not appear in the Italian lyrics. However, all the versions carry the same underlying meaning of “Let’s make love tonight, because who knows what will happen tomorrow.”

Meglio stasera, che domani o mai,
Domani chi lo sa, quel che sarà?
Literal translation
Better tonight, than tomorrow or never,
Tomorrow who knows, what will be?
English version
Meglio stasera, baby, go-go-go,
Or as we natives say, “Fa’ subito!”
Source: Wikipedia

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