USS John C. Stennis

The mission of USS John C. Stennis and her embarked Air Wing is to conduct sustained combat air operations while forward deployed in the global arena. The embarked Air Wing consists of eight to nine squadrons. Attached aircraft are the F/A-18 Hornet, F/A-18E/F Super Hornet, EA-6B Prowler, E-2C Hawkeye, and MH-60S Seahawk.

The Air Wing can destroy enemy aircraft, ships, submarines, and land targets, or lay mines hundreds of miles from the ship. USS John C. Stennis’ aircraft are used to conduct strikes, support land battles, protect the Strike Group or other friendly shipping vessels, and implement a sea or air blockade. The Air Wing provides a visible presence to demonstrate American power and resolve in a crisis. The ship normally operates as the centerpiece of a Carrier Strike Group commanded by a flag officer embarked in USS John C. Stennis and consisting of four to six other ships. USS John C. Stennis’ two nuclear reactors give her virtually unlimited range and endurance and a top speed in excess of 30 knots. The ship’s four catapults and four arresting gear engines enable her to launch and recover aircraft rapidly and simultaneously. The ship carries approximately three million gallons of fuel for her aircraft and escorts, and enough weapons and stores for extended operations without replenishment. USS John C. Stennis also has extensive repair capabilities, including a fully equipped Aircraft Intermediate Maintenance Department, a micro-miniature electronics repair shop, and numerous ship repair shops. For defense, in addition to her Air Wing and accompanying vessels, USS John C. Stennis has NATO Sea Sparrow short-range, surface-to-air missile systems, Rolling Airframe missiles (RAM), the Phalanx Close-in Weapons System (an extremely rapid firing 20mm gun) for cruise missile defense, and the SLQ-32 Electronic Warfare System.

Length of flight deck: 1,092 ft
Width of flight deck: 257 ft
Height keel to mast: 244 ft (equal to 24-story building)
Area of flight deck: 4.5 acres
Weight of Carrier: 97,000 tons

Propulsion System
Type: Nuclear reactor
Number of reactors: 2
Maximum speed: More than 30 knots
Number of screws: 4 (5 blades each)
Weight of screws: 66,200 lbs each

Flight Deck/Air Wing
Number of catapults: 4
Number of aircraft elevators: 4
Size of Air Wing: 70+ tactical aircraft

Commissioned: December 9, 1995
Crew size: 5,000 (including air wing)
Meals served daily: 16,600
Number of compartments: 2,700
Number of anchors: 2 (From USS FORRESTAL (CV-59)
Weight of anchors: 30 tons each
A/C plant capacity: 2,900 tons (enough to service 950 homes)
Distillation plant capacity: 400,000 gals (enough to serve 2000 homes)
Number of telephones: 2,000
Tons of structural steel: More than 60,000 tons
Miles of cable and wiring: over 900
Number of light fixtures: more than 30,000
Required technical manuals: A stack as high as the Washington Monument (555 feet)
Cost: $3.5 billion; projected service life: 50 years

Source: The US Navy


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