The Decline Of Males

TFG picked up the Decline Of Males topic from the Art Of Manliness.  The Art Of Manliness interviewed Dr. Lionel Tiger, Charles Darwin Professor of Anthropology at Rutgers University, and author of The Decline Of Males – The First Look At An Unexpected New World For Men And Women.

In the interview Dr. Tiger discusses a number of points pertaining to:

  • Men and the recession
  • Child welfare statistics – 40% of children are born to unwed mothers
  • Men becoming outlaws – not joining families, exposure to unstable environments, and lack of supportive relationships
  • Careers and finance – In large cities women earn more than men
  • Education – 60% of college graduates are women.  Young boys in the education system being turned into girls for behavioral purposes
  • Politics
  • Feminist movements and agendas

Dr. Tiger does a solid job of outlining the issues with men, and key contributors.   The biggest single question that remains to be answered is what do men do to halt this decline?

I urge you to listen to the interview by clicking the link.


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