Carinhoso | Dia De Amor

There are differing opinions on the legitimacy of Lovers’ Day (Valentine’s Day.)  Regardless of whether or not you acknowledge this day, TFG presents the video below in recognition of like, love, and how each are manifested between people.

Composed by Pixinguinha


Marisa Monte – You describe it as music that’s very present in the consciousness of Brazilians.  They know how to sing.  It had such an effect at that time.

It’s music that’s very and present in the minds of Brazilians.  It’s not a song one sings publicly, only in the home, or an intimate place with others.


My heart, I don’t know why
it beats happily when it sees you
And these eyes of mine are smiling
and through the streets they follow you
Yet you escape me

Ah, if you only knew
How very caring I am
And very much that I want you / love you
And how sincere my love is
I know that you would not try to escape me

Come, come, come, come
Come feel the heat
of my lips
That search for yours

Come kill this passion
That devours the heart
And then only in this way
I will be happy, very happy


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