Twirling In Blue | Karla’s Closet

Twirling In Blue - Courtesy of Karla's Closet

I’ve been following Karla over at Karla’s Closet for some time.  She is truly a style originator, and always presents something eye-catching (it would undoubtedly be head-turning if I were to ever see her in passing.)  She pays homage to some of the most iconic styles and fashion elements of preceding eras, and to the designers who created them. She carries it forward by making it all her own.  One can’t help but appreciate her thoughtfulness manifested through her presentation.

From TFG perspective, what’s most striking is that she’s the woman that many gents long to see.  Sure, we see lots of women don pretty dresses, but it often feels like they’re doing it just to show that they clean up well, or simply not to be outdone by the other girl.  It’s not necessarily because that’s who she is, or because that might be the image that the nice man has about the pretty girl he hopes to meet.

Karla, thanks for sharing what’s in your closet.



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