1961 Ferrari 250 GT SWB Berlinetta

1961 Ferrari 250 GT Comp./61 Short-wheelbase (SWB) Berlinetta

In 1958, Enzo Ferrari wanted to improve the road racing performance of his already successful 250 GT (Gran Turismo) long-wheelbase Berlinetta (LWB). Although the 250 GT LWB was visually stunning, Ferrari and his engineers elected to shorten the wheelbase by seven inches to enhance cornering and maneuverability.

Pininfarina, Ferrari’s design firm, updated the coachwork, and Scaglietti in Modena hand-built the bodies. Pininfarina’s coachwork featured a rectangular “egg-crate” Ferrari grille, form-fitting fenders, a sharply raked windscreen, a snug cabin, and a low roofline that tapered gracefully rearward.

This example, an ultra-lightweight Berlinetta, was one of the most successful SWB competition cars. Its beautiful yet purposeful shape came to define the long-hood, short-deck style imitated by many rivals, including Ford’s Mustang fastback.

Allure, originally uploaded by Mark VV.



  1. Hummada…it’s…so…pretty. I love the photo. Great use of light. Kudos on being FP!

  2. The Perfectly Imperfect One

    Pretty Car!

    Congrats on being freshly pressed 🙂

  3. humanitarikim

    Very nice!

  4. oannewithanr

    sweet ride.

  5. Wow…it is beautiful car.

  6. did nic cage try to steal this in gone in 60 seconds? haha. congrats on freshly pressed.

  7. J Roycroft

    Beautiful photographs.

  8. Great article on this beautiful Ferrari. Love the photos!

  9. ryoko861

    I’m sure the Shelby Cobra was designed after this. That, too, is a sweet road race car. Gotta love Italian styling!

  10. Valentino

    Love the car! my aunt was the luck owner of a Steve McQueen Ferrari 1953 375 America Vignale. That Ferrari was one of the best models i have ever seeing. it was the only 1 of 1. on display at the Paris auto show 1952 Circa.

    • M3 Digi

      Thank you! That is phenomenal about your aunt. The 375 is a beautiful car. I appreciate you visiting and leaving a comment.



  11. In a word – beautiful.

    Aesthetics has become a dirty word in the artworld of late; most art students these days can’t even spell it! You my friend have reminded me of looking for the beauty in simple things – for which I’m truly grateful.

  12. Stunning! Absolutely Stunning! Keep up the good work. 🙂


  13. Great car and great post, love the pictures by the way.

  14. Erik

    What circuit would this car have raced in? Did either Porsche, Mercedes, or Jaguar have a entry able to stay competitive at the time?
    Stunning Shots.

  15. That is one sexy car.

  16. Just in curiousity, How did you come to own such a valuable model? Did you build it from kit work, or is this the original deal? How did you get it and keep it in such a beautiful condition?

    • M3 Digi

      I don’t own it. It was on display in a museum. I was just lucky enough to photograph it. I can only wish to own something like this.

  17. Those were the days when a motorcar was a motorcar…

  18. Nice highlight of a classic from the scuderia! I like your passion behind this car. Although, if the post were mine (and it’s not), I might profile the 860 Monza… just a tad earlier. What I love about the 860 is the amazing sweep styling that Ferrari carried through practically up to the Dino 246s. It’s such a graceful, yet powerful line. And as a 4-cylinder… this little one held its own fairly well!


  19. Very Informative and nice pic 🙂

  20. The car really looks stunning. Maybe an old model but it has an elegance of its own.

  21. tonyliao

    Wow, so crazy,so ,beautiful car.

  22. that car and this post is awesome


  23. Nice, but not as nice as a 1969 Mustang or the Bristol Fighter.

  24. I love Yoga

    Beautiful car and post. Namaste 🙂

  25. Fantastic..İtalian magic , beautiful car and nice post.

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