Ferrari 458 Challenge World Debut

I am of the belief that 40 years from now, the Ferrari 458 Italia will be regarded as one of the most classic automotive designs of modern times.  It’s style is very reminiscent of some of the greatest race cars driven during golden era of auto racing at some of the world’s most famous race circuits.

Today, Ferrari unveiled its 458 Italia derivative, the 458 Challenge at the Bologna Motor Show.

The 458 Challenge is Ferrari’s testament to its racing heritage.  The differentiation in this model is not in the engine, but in the transmission.  The gear ratios and calibration of the dual-clutch transmission have been adjusted so that the Challenge generates more torque at lower revs.  The engine has been left unchanged since it is already very potent at 570 bhp.

Stiffer springs and a lower ride height help keep the body flat during cornering.  The wheels are 19-inch forged alloys with a central locking nut.  The braking system has been updated with Brembo’s latest brake offering. The Challenge also gets a weight reduction in the form of Carbon Fiber and Lexan body panels.


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