XX-Rated Career

When I one day (soon) decide to stop toiling in Corporate America, and forgo a steady paycheck, I’m going to pursue a XX-rated career.  That’s right.  I’m going to enter this fast-moving industry and let it all hang out.  In this industry, I will find my way on to the world’s best race circuits, involved with one of the world’s best race cars.  The Ferrari 599XX.

Ferrari Five Nine Nine GTB Fiorano

The Ferrari Five Nine Nine GTB Fiorano, of which the XX racer is based upon,  is a beauty in its own right.  She’s the latest symbol of Ferrari’s Berlinetta theme.  This theme has produced classics such as the 250GT, 275 GTB and 365 GTB4 The  front view of the Five Nine Nine pays proper homage to her older Ferrari siblings with large headlights that seamlessly flow into her flared front fenders.  Further tribute is paid through her fastback side profile.

Ferrari 250 GT

Ferrari 275 GTB

Ferrari 365 GTB 4

Ferrari 575 Maranello

Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano

Ms. Fiorano take it a couple of steps further.  She displays her aggression in the sickle-like impression at the trailing edge of her front fender into her front door.  If that’s not enough, she arrogantly distinguishes herself from the Ferrari trademark quad circle tail lamps in exchange for two single circle tail lamps.

Ferrari 599XX

This car needs no intro.  One look at her and you know she’s special.

Ferrari F2008 F1 Race Car

“The 599XX incorporates the most advanced technologies resulting from Ferrari’s road-going and F1 research. Many of the technological solutions it carries are being used for the first time and have been developed exclusively for this special car.” – Source: Ferrari Press Release

Fast facts:

  • Retuned V12 engine
  • Max RPMs:  9,000
  • Output: 700hp at 9,000 RPM
  • Gearbox shift times 60ms.  What does that mean?  The gearbox is quick!
  • F1-derived wheel donuts for improved aerodynamics and brake cooling
  • Extensive use of carbon-fibre throughout the body and mechanicals
  • Color-matched to Ferrari F2008 F1 Racer

I'm giving it all up someday to be with you!

Enjoy this wonderful Ferrari 599XX racing video footage!


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