Os Novos Baianos

My latest thought is a bit of a challenge. How can I get you to interpret and appreciate what I’m about to introduce you to? Well, you’re here.  So, I trust that something I’m doing means you’re willing to try it out.  I’ll do my best to translate for you.  But, for what you don’t understand, just try to feel it.

Farol da Barra

Farol da Barra

Novos Baianos

Novos Baianos

Novos Baianos (No-voos Buy-ahn-oos)  is yet another example of the many influences Brazil has over me.  I discovered them when searching YouTube for information about Farol da Barra (Fa-rrol- da – Baja) in Bahia Ba-yee-ah), Brazil.  Pausa, pra um segundo, estava pensando escriver em Portugues.  (Pause, for a second, I was thinking to write in Portuguese).  It’s crazy how I can shift back and forth that way.  I have to be honest.  I am very proud of my ability to speak and understand Portuguese without translation.  I feel like I’ve opened up this huge realm of richness because of it.  Just thought I’d share.

Beach in Bahia, Brazil

Beach in Bahia, Brazil

I didn’t find exactly what I was looking for on YouTube.  But, I did stumble upon the song Farol da Barra.  I listened to it and it felt like I was back in Bahia all over again.  I visited in April 2004.  It’s the that soft, whispy voice of Baby do Brasil (Baby of Brazil) with the strum of the guitar that really grabs me.   That song makes me feel homesick.  I guess I left my heart there during my visit.  I have to go back.  I won’t have any peace until I do. What’s special about Bahia is for another blog altogether.  There are too many memories to recount to write it in this blog.  If you’d really like to know just send me the word and I’ll put something together.

“Quando o sol se põe (When the sun goes down)
Vem o farol (The light comes)
Iluminar as águas da Bahia (to illuminate the waters of Bahia)
No Farol da Barra, o encontro é pouco (In Farol da Barra, the meeting is brief)
A conversa é curta, tudo é tão rápido como (The conversation is short, and all is so quick like)
se furta (a theft / it’s stolen)
Como a luz bate nas águas (As the sun hits the waters)
Como tudo que se passa (As all that happens)
Com tanto cabeludo, com tanto pôr-do-sol (With so much hair, with so much by the sun)
Bem cabia uma profecia: até o ano 2000, (It will be a prophecy: until the year 2000)
O Farol além do pôr-do-sol (
The lighthouse beyond the Sunset)
será o pôr-do-som (will be put-to-sound )
Onde verás uma realejo, onde verás um violão (Where you will see an organ (instrument), you will see a guitar)

I added that song to my collection as my musical memory of Bahia.  I never thought to explore more of their music.  Then, I heard Preta, Pretinha (Black girl, little black girl) on Last.fm and felt compelled to learn more about this group.  So, I was back to YouTube to see what I could find.  For a group that was popular in the 60s and 70s, there’s a lot of great video content out there for them.  I really enjoy having a visual connection to music I like.  Plus, it’s helpful to put you, my friends, on to my discoveries.

A Menina Dança

In the list of YouTube videos that came up in the search result I took note of A Menina Dança (The Girl Dances).  Seeing a Brazilian girl dance is seeing dance like you’ve never seen it before.  There’s a lot of power, intensity and energy to it all.  So, I thought I’d check it out.  Hearing Baby open with ‘Cuando cheguei tudo tudo, tudo estava virado’ (When I arrived everything everything, everything was turned upside down) was such a pleasant surprise.  She has a wonderful voice.  What’s really cool is watching her sing and her expressions as she belts out the lyrcis.  It’s obvious that she enjoys singing. Even better is when she suddenly starts dancing while singing.    The band pretty much remains pretty stationary as the camera pans around to capture her movements from afar, as well as up close to capture her energy and obliviousness to everything around her as she sings.  I love it!

Quando eu cheguei tudo, tudo (When I arrived, everything, everything)
Tudo estava virado (Everything was turned over)
Apenas viro me viro (Only I turn over turn myself over)
Mas eu mesma viro os olhinhos (But I turn the same little eyes)
Só entro no jogo porque(I only enter in the game because)
Estou mesmo depois ( I am the same after)
Depois de esgotar (After the exhaustion)
O tempo regulamentar (The time rules)
De um lado o olho desaforo (From one side the eye is insolent)
Que diz meu nariz arrebitado (What did my snubbed nose say)
E não levo para casa, mas se você vem perto eu vou lá (And I do not bring home, but if you come closer I will go there)
Eu vou lá! (I will go there!)
No canto do cisco (In the song of a speck in the eye)
No canto do olho (In the song of the eye)
A menina dança (The girl dances)
E dentro da menina (And inside of the girl)
A menina dança (The girl dances)
E se você fecha o olho (And if you you close your eyes)
A menina ainda dança (The girl is still dancing)
Dentro da menina (Inside the girl)
Ainda dança (Still dancing)
Até o sol raiar (Until the sun shines)
Até o sol raiar (Until  the sun shines)
Até dentro de você nascer (Until you are born within)
Nascer o que há! (To be born what’s the matter!)
Quando eu cheguei tudo, tudo (When I arrived, everything, everything)
Tudo estava virado (Everything was turned over)
Apenas viro me viro (Only I turn over turn myself over)
Mas eu mesma viro os olhinhos (But I turn the same little eyes)

Marisa Monte

Marisa Monte

YouTube somehow read my mind and put another version of the song with Marisa Monte.  Marisa Monte is a renowned Brazilian singer, as well in many parts of the world.  Seeing Marisa and Baby perform together…  What can I say?  Baby’s energy coupled with Marisa’s distinct voice… It’s phenomenal on top of phenomenal to see two great singers perform such a great song.  On top of that, I’ve never seen Marisa Monte dance in any performances I’ve seen of her.  Sigh… Brazilian girls!



  1. Eduardo Resende

    Olá! Sou Brasileiro
    Fico feliz e orgulhoso quando encontro alguem que aprecia nossa grande musica.
    thank you!

  2. Hey, really good blog. I have to admit I’m constantly blown away by Os Novos Baianos too! Good to see some translations of their lyrics as well.

    If you’re interested there’s a new article up on Os Novos Baianos and the recording of Acabou Chorare here: http://www.soundsandcolours.com/articles/brazil/how-joao-gilberto-turned-os-novos-baianos-from-hendrix-worship-to-recording-the-greatest-brazilian-album-of-all-time/

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